April 26, 2007

A Follow-Up to the Myth-Busting Rant

I should maybe say, that while my wedding preparations were often very stressful and less than fun, there were many people who were wonderful. Travis, who was supportive and always came through for me. My mother, who always said the right thing and 99% of the time actually meant it. My friends LB, Em, Sarah Biz, Hedda and Jolene who, even though they didn't know Travis, allowed me to share anything and everything, always being loving and celebrating the next step I was taking. Maragaret Mary, who always tells me like it is and loves Trav and I very much. Our families, Travis and my siblings and parents who might have been nervous but welcomed each of us with open arms. And my Aunt Debbies, who were incredibly helpful and encouraging.
Our wedding day was fantastic, and we are so grateful that we were able to share it with so many good, loving, fun people.
Here's a couple of pictures to help your remember the good times:

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