May 25, 2007

Beauty Queens aren't good at Math

At my job I look at GPA's, ACT's and applications all day long and make judgements about them.
So I've been pretty curious for awhile to see what I looked like on paper when I was applying to school. Just how did I rank?
Of course one of the perks of working for my alma mater is that I have access to my old file. (It's also a perk of working on a small campus where you know everyone and went to school with the registrar.)

One thing I noticed right away was that they projected my freshman GPA to be a 2.67. I feel slightly insulted since my high school GPA, ACT composite and class rank were fairly good. But I guess maybe that 19 in the math section of the ACT wasn't very promising.

The other thing I noticed was what I wrote on the application in the activities section. I actually put down that I'd come in 1st Runner Up in a beauty pageant. Who puts that on a college app?!

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