June 8, 2007

This will be another full weekend.

The good:
- Dinner with Sr. MN's family. They're Lebanese and it will be a full meal of goodness. This is especially exciting for me as I tried making hummus a few weeks ago but my tahini had gone bad and it was horrible.
- Dinner with my parents for an early Father's Day for my dad.
- Ocean's 13! We are big fans of the first two and I'm way excited for this third. I love the dialogue in these films more than anything else, especially the way they all pick on each other.
- We're greeting at Mass Sunday morning. We've never done this before and we don't know most of the parishioners since we're still knew - but what the heck!? What's really funny is that while we've only been attending since January and we still haven't officially registered with the parish I lector, we're greeters, Trav was nominated for pres of the Men's Club, we were asked to (and will be) leading the youth group in the fall and I was just hired as the parish secretary.

The bad:
- This is Guy's Weekend which means Travis is already gone and will be spending the night with a couple of the guys. This is good for them, but I hate it when he's gone.
- The Chevelle was sold and will be picked up by its new owner tomorrow morning. This is very sad. And even more sad because Trav and the Chevelle are gone right now so he can't take me out for one last drive.
- I have to dust the house. I hate dusting but the thick layer that currently covers everything has become shameful.

Also, on another note, there was a priest and three deacons who were killed earlier this week right after Mass in Iraq. If you want to read more about it you could check out this blog. I hadn't considered it before, but it seems that Christian persecution is pretty bad right now.

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