June 2, 2007

Urgent Update

Urgent update:

We now have enough hangers.

The beauty of gift cards is that you can buy things you don't really need but would be handy and nice to have around, or you can buy things you do need at a price you wouldn't pay if it was coming out of your wallet.
So the Linens and Things gift card bought us a candy therometer, a dish drying rack, a lid rack, a pancake flipper and HANGERS.


  1. Love the inner-blog link there.

    All those things are wonderful to have... I consider them necessary for a well-run household. So thank goodness for gift cards!

    Oh, yeah, I have a new blog too. You're the first one to get a hint of it. I'm going to announce it to everyone else soon.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. It was actually because of your toffee recipe that I realized I wanted a candy thermometer.
    Oh so good.