July 27, 2007

Three Short Tid-Bits

Number One
Last night at the game we ran into 3 of Trav's students: B, M & S. After saying hello and chatting for a bit the two of us continued and found our seats. Travis explained in more detail who they all were and said, "B and M are cousins, I think. Or else they're dating. I can't remember which. But if you see them doing anything - they're not cousins."
They're dating; I asked.

Number Two
For as much as I didn't like Chuck and Larry, I enjoyed Evan Almighty. I didn't hate C&L and I didn't love EA but it was good and worth the money. There's a lot of sweetness in it and some pretty good little touches of authentic Christian teaching. Like when Al Mighty explains to Evan's wife that when a person prays for patience God doesn't just give them patience but the opportunity to be patient. Oh, how I know how painfully true that is!
On a side note, call this Number Two and a Half, Travis and I recently watched Gandhi, the movie with Ben Kingsley. It was brilliant and I can see why it swept the Oscars. You should watch this movie if you have never seen it. And we both agreed that Gandhi was funnier than Chuck and Larry. Ouch.

Number Three
My respect for Jars of Clay continues to grow as I listen to their new CD, Good Monsters. There is a darkness to the album which, I think, is why the local Christian station doesn't play it much. But it's that same shade of darkness that I appreciate. Lyrics like Dead Man's are pretty honest and I, for one, can readily identify with them: So carry me; I'm just a dead man lying on the carpet, can't find a heartbeat. Make me breathe; I want to be a new man, tired of the old one - out with the old plan.
And I love the confession in Work: I have no fear of drowning - it's the breathing that's taking all this work.


  1. Hey. I did see Transformers! Opening weekend! Travis got chills when Optimus Prime (sp?) said his name for the first time. Ahhh... so cute. We both loved it. (though, of course, the sexual references were completely not necessary.)