August 7, 2007

Buying a Bathtub

Last night we bought a bathtub. Which is something I've never done before.
It's a funny thing - the options for tubs. I wanted a one-piece (tub and shower walls are one) unstead of a two-piece (tub and shower walls are two to four seperate pieces). Really, I don't think that's how one describes bath tubes - their not swimsuits for pete's sake - but that's all I could think of...

As we pick out things for the house everything comes down to two things:
1 - Does it look nice?
2 - Will it be easy to clean?

A one-piece tub will definitely be easier to clean. And not a lot of fancy grooves on it - totally smooth. I think there's a classiness in simplicity and that's what we're going with - simple lines.
And easy cleaning.

As we were shopping as Menards I got really bored, as I tend to do when I'm at Menards. Travis was buying pipe stuff for the plumbing, and in my boredom I started playing with the copper pipes. Then I started playing with different valves and then I remembered I'm 26. I told Travis I would be sitting on the lawn furniture but, very sweetly, he asked me to stay with him and help him look for 3/4" fittings. He will be a wonderful father.

It's a wonderful world - the grown-up world. Sometimes it can stink - insurance and mortgages. But sometimes it's a lot of fun - honeymoons in Scotland and doing new things, like making babies and buying bathtubs.

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