August 27, 2007

Religious Experiences

On Saturday Br. Nathan of the Community of St. John was ordained a priest. His first Mass was Sunday with a reception following. Br. Nathan and I go way back - about 3 summers - when I first chaperoned at an Eagle Eye Camp for high schoolers.

Following the reception we asked him to bless us and our baby since a priest's blessings are extra strong the first year after his ordination. He had me hold one end of his stoll to my womb as he prayed for me and the babe and he then blessed my mom, Tra, the baby and I as a family. It was beautiful.

Saturday was also a good day because I got to see my very dear friend, Sr. Myriam Caritas of the Sisters of Life. Sister had been my campus minister while in college and she quickly became one of my best friends after I graduated and began doing campus ministry at another school in our Diocese. She wasn't a sister then but has now just begun her third year in the Bronx. She taught me so much about the Catholic faith - from its beauty to how fun it is - and she has loved me so unconditionally it amazes me. I miss her so much so this was a very special treat.

I love having friends who are priests and religious! I love being Catholic!


  1. You are pregnant! Congratulations! A house and a baby! Make sure you get plenty of sleep. You are going to need it.

  2. Thank you! And you're right about the sleep - I've already picked up an extra hour at night.