October 4, 2007

The Doctor's Appointment

Wednesday was my first doctor's appointment with the baby. I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again (until she swam away) and had a small check-up.

The good news: the baby is healthy - I'm healthy - everything is normal and okay. Everything and one is growing like they should! And she said that I'm at 11 weeks instead of 10, which makes me very happy about how big my belly is getting!

My nurse practitioner (whom I love and almost want to name my child after) sat and talked with me for a long time answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. One of the big ones Travis and I had was how the office handles Quad Marker tests that come back positive for a birth defect or Downs. We've heard stories of doctor's softly suggesting abortions for such children and, though we do not intend to have the test done, we still wanted to know what kind of people we were working with. I was soooo pleased that my np gave a disgusted "NOOOO" when I asked if they suggest abortions in any way. I chose this office based on the advice of several devout Catholic woman, and there's crucifixes in most of the rooms, so I'm glad to know that even though they give out birth control they're still pro-life in a lot of ways.