November 29, 2007

Doctor Appointment

Yesterday I went in to the OB/Gyn office for my monthly check-up.
I'm not quite sure how much money Dr. M got from me and my insurance company for the 7 minutes he spent with me, but it wasn't quite worth the drive into Peoria.
I heard the heartbeat, which - okay - that was cool.
He then told me where the top of my womb is, which I already knew since I'm round and hard all the way to an inch above my belly button.
Finally he told me that I can gain 14 more pounds.
And that was it. We were done.
Oh well. I have a healthy baby and I've only gained 16lbs so far. I know I'll gain more than his stupid 14 but maybe not too much more. If I do 5lbs a month (which is what I've done so far this trimester) for the rest of it I'll gain less than 20. And I can be happy with that.

Oh - and I think I felt the baby. It only happened once, when I was laying on my stomach. It felt like a little fart just an inch south of the belly button. How sweet!

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