December 14, 2007

Wacked Out Dreams

1 - Travis and I are in the jungles of Africa. All of a sudden a very evil Joaquin Phoenix comes out of the darkness and attacks with a long dagger. Travis, super husband that he is, fights back with his knife. I look on as the two of them are wrestling on the jungle floor trying to kill each other. (Could this be rooted in some guilt I have for crushing on Joaquin? When I told Travis about this dream and how I think Joaquin is a hottie he said that he was glad he killed him.)

2 - My younger brother is building the ultimate igloo for this woman who is homeless, has a baby and is in love with him. The igloo is a two story home made of ice and snow. He's building it in the field behind our house (which is still a field and not filled with poorly built $250,000 homes). He is using a shovel and dad's old wheelbarrow to haul the snow. I make sure he has no interest in this woman, because I really don't like her, and then I go and give her a piece of my mind about her flirting with and taking advantage of my brother.

3 - A man and a woman break into our home while we are sleeping. They are shining their flashlights all about and talking about killing us. I'm awake but pretending to be asleep; Travis is snoring. They really just want to rob us and weren't expecting us to be home. They pretty much decide to not kill us unless we wake up and find them so I try incredibly hard to have normal breathing.

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