January 11, 2008

Entering the priesthood

Recently a friend of Travis' and mine told us that he is going to enter seminary next year. We are so thrilled for him as he discerns God's will.

He's a great guy - the kind of man who would make a great priest or husband. And I tend to think that that's exactly what every priest or husband should be. Kind, patient, humble, generous, holy, posses a good sense of humor - that's how I would describe my favorite priests and my husband. A good priest is a good man. And by that I mean MAN. I appreciate a manly priest - whether that means he hunts, fishes, drinks scotch, swing dances, mountain bikes, writes, paints or plays ultimate frisbee - he is firm in his handshake, good with children, can relate to youth by talking about his former girlfriends and has a deep love for St. Joseph and our Blessed Mother.

I do not know our friend's family well. And I only know a small group of his friends. But I sincerely hope that he is surrounded by many supportive people, Catholics and nonCatholics alike. When one of my friends entered religious life her mother continued to buy her lipstick and purses for over a year. Another friend was given a list of the 100 Reasons Not to Be Catholic as a last ditch effort by one of her sorority sisters. This same girl's father (in the midst of a conversation about dowries) said he would take a squirrel skin for his daughter as long as it meant she would marry and not become a nun.

So please keep our friend in your prayers. He is courageously living a radical life. Praised by God.

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