February 13, 2008

29 weeks

Since my due date has changed some I'm still at 29 weeks. (With the ob/gyn's guess we'd be at 31.5, with Trav's and my guess we'd be at 30. It was our midwife who fused the sonogram and our charting information to come to 29 weeks.)

But here's some self portrait belly pictures. Enjoy! :)

This is a good shot to show sexually active teenagers. ;)


  1. Wow, it's getting closer and closer. How exciting! I especially love the close-up of your belly, it's artistic.

  2. grow little baby! Become healthy in that belly so Bonnie and Travis can love you to pieces!

  3. you look great. and still with muscle tone in your legs, no less!

  4. uh, i agree with maiasaura... you're butt looks better than mine, and i'm on a diet!!! ;)

    Love ya...

  5. Well thank you, ladies, for all your kind words. I was thrilled to see I still have muscle tone in my legs since it's been mostly pants weather and it's getting harder to see things down there. It must be the squatting. That said there is plenty of new cellulite on my legs to make you not so jealous.

    And Domo, the butt is all fat - don't be jealous. :)

    But thank you anyways! Sometimes I feel like a waddling whale so it's nice to hear compliments.