February 13, 2008

More house updates

If you were to come and pay us a visit, this is what you'd see.

Our bathroom has a cardboard, saloon style door. Drywall has not been hung in here and my old dorm room lamp is what we use for light. It is the next project now that the drywall in the rest of the house is all hung. The wall the towels hang off of are for the master bedroom's closet.

Our lovely, wonderful bedroom. (This is my side of the room - Travis' side is not internet worthy. :) )

Our temporay living room - when it's complete it will be the dining room. You will notice my husband does not like getting his picture taken. Before and after all the drywall was hung.

Our laundry room and temporary closet.

To see how far we've come, feel free to look here and here.

1 comment:

  1. The houses is really coming along. It's going to look amazing when you guys are done!