February 4, 2008

Transformation of a Kitchen

Here is a visual history of our kitchen. We're not done yet, but as you can see, we have come a loooooong way, baby.
What it was when we bought it.

The view from the dining room. The wall between these two rooms has been opened up. The doorway has more than doubled.

Down to the studs.

Hanging drywall.

Ripping up all 5 layers of flooring. The very bottom layer, besides the floorboards, was burlap with small tiles glued down. Under that, to level out the floors, were newspapers. The papers were dated Wednesday, October 3, 1918. And this is our new edition!

What the kitchen looks like now. There's a hole waiting for the washing machine. Our fridge is an $800 model that we got for $500. Our stove is worth $500 but we got it for $250. It's the beauty of buying floor models. We highly recommend it. :)


  1. Wow, newspaper from 1918! You should save a clipping and frame it to hang in your kitchen.

  2. That's exactly what we hope to do. :)