March 25, 2008

Will I make it to the due date?

Easter Sunday, after Mass, Travis walked out of the sanctuary into the vestibule. There Dr. J, a local family practitioner whose sons are in the youth group we lead stopped him.

Dr. J: How much longer does your wife have?
Travis: She has five more weeks.
Dr. J: Oh no she doesn't!

Travis was then told that he should never be more than 3 hours away from me at this point.

I'm not saying I want the baby to come now. But I am saying I'd be more than okay with the baby coming a couple of weeks early.

Heartburn is really kicking in. My back always hurts. I'm tired but it's hard for me to sleep. And I'm having contractions - mostly Braxton Hicks (my stomach has never been so firm!) but I also have been having some contractions that feel like menstrual cramps. I think I shall go make the bed with the flannel-backed vinyl table cloth underneath the fitted sheet now. One never knows when the water will break.

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