April 3, 2008

Come on, baby!

Our midwife came to the house today.

Blood pressure - good.
Heartbeat - good.
Protein levels - good.

Weight gain - bad. (Too much baby shower cake.)
Size of my belly - bad. (I have measured 2 weeks ahead the whole pregnancy but this week I was 4 weeks ahead.)

Fact that I've been having a few contractions, a stretchy/achy feeling and that I've had a lil' bit o bloody show - VERY GOOD! (This doesn't mean that the baby will come soon, but they are all good signs that the baby could come soon.)

I know that I will miss feeling the baby move inside of me, but I am so ready to sleep on my stomach and back again, and to start losing some weight, and to bend over, and to not pee 3 times every night. I don't think I'm being too ridiculous with these things. Do you?

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