April 26, 2008

Surprise phone call

Yesterday afternoon I received a surprise phone call from my very good friend, Sr. Myriam Caritas with the Sisters of Life. Her mom, niece and sister are visiting her and she used the opportunity of her sister's cell phone to see about my baby. Here's a recap of how the conversation went:

I'm still pregnant.

She got to meet the pope! (She was at the Mass at the Cathedral and Yankee Stadium. But she also went to the prayer vigil that the Sisters of Life and the CFRs held outside the bishop's home where the pope stayed. It was there that he came out, and Sr. MC was right in front. She grasped his hand with both of hers and said, "Holy Father, we will be professing vows this summer; please pray for us." He thanked her for her prayers, having misunderstood her, but the bishop then said something to him in Italian ending with "Cardinal O'Connor," the Sisters' founder. The Holy Father's face then lit up and he said, "Oh. The Sisters of Life. Yes; God bless you.")

I cried as she told me the story.

She asked about names. (Lydia Anne or Bennett Mark)

I told her about the recent activities at the EC Newman Center (Sr. MC was my campus minister before she was a sister and when I was an EC student. I now am the staff advisor and coordinate ministry there.)

I told her a joke about the Assumption of Mary (feast day Aug 15th) that I heard from a priest who works in college campus ministry. In his words, "Mary goes to Heaven and the rest of the world goes to hell."

She said she had to get going because Mass was beginning. Fr. Benedict Groeschel was preaching.

I told her how I'd love to be there and reminded her of how she first introduced me to him through his book Arise from Darkness.

I then told her (there was no asking) that she should offer up her Mass for me so that I will go into labor soon.

She was glad to do so, especially since it was the feast of St. Mark.

It was almost a 20 minute conversation and it was so, so wonderful hearing from her.

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