May 2, 2008


In the month of April there were 1,199 visits to this blog. That's a lotta visits! Just 63 came yesterday. My guess is that people are checking in for one reason and one reason only: to see if I've had the baby.

And the sad answer is - No baby yet!

But do keep coming back, please. I will post here when labor begins and definately will post pictures at the end.

And many thanks for stopping by. Keep praying for us!


  1. Love the carpet! I'm praying that the baby comes soon, but until then, enjoy the last moments that you will be able to completely reign your child in, ever! FYI, I crammed in that Washington application last night, and got confirmation of receipt from the principal today. We'll see what happens :)

  2. uh yeah... i check everyday!

  3. I check in every day, too!!! I am so, so excited to hear when it happens......and by the way, I absolutely love the name Lydia. It's so beautiful. And did you say that you were thinking of Benedict for a boy? I really like that, too.

  4. We just heard the news from Nita, congratulations! :) I won't say what you had so I don't steal your thunder. ;) Get some rest, all of you!