May 31, 2008

One Month Old

Four weeks ago I gave birth to Miss L.
She has consistently been a pain in the bottom. ;)
Here's some quick updates about our daughter:

- She's super strong; she's been able to hold her head up for awhile with the time duration getting longer and longer. She can also support herself on her legs when we hold her up or she leans against us.
- She's able to nurse off both breasts now. This is good news, especially since I seem to be prone to plugged ducts and the pump alone wasn't cutting it.
- Her fussiness has gotten better but that's mostly because we've become more competent parents. Every night, sometime after 6 she begins to cry and fuss. It ends by 10, 8:30 if we're lucky.
- She seems to not like it when I eat dairy products so good-bye butter, farewell all types of cheese, so long ice cream and yogurt. I will miss you so, so, so much.
- Her baby acne is pretty bad.
- She's pretty darn cute.

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