June 18, 2008

Too big

Monday I was fit for the bridesmaid dress for my younger brother's wedding. It was depressing.
Bust size = 18
Waist size = 18
Hips size = 16

Now the seamstress assured me that I looked great for having a 6 week old, and that my waist would definately go down in size by the November wedding, and probably my hips as well. And I know that wedding shops are notorious for running small.

BUT STILL! I haven't worn an 18 anything for years. And I liked it that way.

I was a solid 10 when I got pregnant. Now I'm more like a 12/14.
This bums me out - but it is my fault. I may be breastfeeding a lot, but I'm not drinking enough water, using the stroller enough and I'm eating too many sweets (mostly in the form of cookie dough).

Must lose weight!


  1. I got so frustrated trying to lose the baby weight. (I still have another 10 lbs to lose). Maybe I shouldn't have gained 50 lbs to begin with! Even though it feels slow in the beginning, breastfeeding makes it so much easier. Make sure you eat enough too. Sometimes I wouldn't eat enough, and my weight wouldn't budge. Our postpartum experiences sound so similar.

  2. ugh i know how you feel only worse since it's been nearly 8 mos since Aiden was born! my cycle has not yet regulated itself and it's majorly affecting my mood & my ability to lose weight. :(

  3. I understand completely...I had to be fitted 8 weeks after Avery was born...for a wedding in 09! Yikes! (the dress was being discontinued). Anyways, the dress is now 3 sizes too small. You'll feel that way in late October for your final fitting.

    Just remember...walking with Lydia in the stroller and keeping your stomach muscles tight does WONDERS! :)

  4. Here's something I've been thinking about on my walks lately -

    does it burn more calories walking & wearing your baby? or pushing the stroller?

    90% of the time I have Aiden in a wrap, because most of the time I like it better than using the stroller - even though on hot days both of us are drenched by the time we're done walking!

    but really, which do you suppose burns more? both are obviously more of a work out than walking without a baby -

  5. Anner, I remember learning that the more weight you carry the harder your body works so you burn more calories. So I would guess you burn more by carrying Aiden than pushing her.

    How did you get her to go in the wrap? Lydia moves around and stretches way too much to be in the sling.

  6. yeah sometimes if you have a baby who likes to stretch and wiggle a lot they don't appreciate the close coziness of a sling! I never tried a sling with Aiden, but I am willing to bet she wouldn't be too happy in one, lol. She never even liked to be held in that position for long!

    wraps are a bit tricky to get on - i still get frustrated with mine sometimes. i got mine at sleepywrap.com. there are photo directions on how to wrap & put the baby in on there. if you want to try mine out first, you can. if you know anyone with a serger and knows how to use it (i don't know how to use mine! lol), it would be cheaper to buy the fabric yourself and make one, because that's basically all it is.

  7. oh, also - if your sling came with literature take a look and see if it shows you different positions to put the baby in. Or look online - I know Mandy can put her kids in all kinds of different positions in her sling.