July 15, 2008

WYD 2005

So with everyone in Australia for World Youth Day I'm getting a little nostalgic for my own WYD pilgrimage from a few years back. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we.

Climbing to St. Francis' hermitage in Assisi.

The whole group in Rome.

Me and some Sisters of Life in St. Peter's.

St. James the Greater (I was born on his feast day) in St. John Lateran.

Michelangelo's Moses.
"The Dome" in Koln.
Eating a real Belgium waffle.
The lovely Tatjana laughing at me.
In Krakow. Old sewing machines from the ghettos that were made into coffee house tables.
ID pictures from Auschwitz.
The whole gang in Krakow.
The Pope on the Jumbo Tron.
Tatjana and I waiting for Sunday Mass to begin.

Trying to get out of Germany.


  1. Hey Bonnie..love all the pics! Nick showed me alot of his too and I wish I could've taken that trip with you guys.

    Hey I found this blog of a Catholic mom and I really enjoy reading it so I thought you would like it:


  2. HEY! This one is new but it is great too!


    Actually..this woman has two blogs..here is the other one:


    WOW..I've been doing alot of blog surfing lately!