August 1, 2008

You were right

We do not like prefolds. The old school cloth diapers that everyone pictured when we said we were going to use cloth diapers are just as bad as you remembered them being.

Travis and I have abandoned the prefolds because with the wetness right on her skin, L gets fussy fast. With her current sleep pattern wherein she only naps for 1.5-2 hours, when it should be more like 5, and she therefore gets a little cranky, we needed to make our lives a little easier - at least until she naps better.

So right now we have only 7 diapers to cycle through and then we go back to disposable. However, once the rent checks start coming our way I am buying a load of BumGenius one-size-fits-all pocket diapers. They are the best of all the ones I've worked with - the velcro stays fastened in the wash like it's supposed to, the velcro is still firmly attached to the diaper, and I just prefer the way the look and feel.


  1. i LOVE our bumgenius! ryan likes them too!

  2. I love that you've tested most types to know which really works best! You've done the research for the rest of us, thank you! ;) But man alive I had no idea how pricey those are!! :O

  3. We use the Bumgenius one-size also and I love them. We had the prefolds with covers when Hannah was a newborn and my husband wouldn't use them after the first couple of times - they wouldn't quite stay folded in place while he was moving the diaper into position, which he found frustrating, so he simply stopped using them and used the disposables people had given us.

    Fast forward 10 months or so and we went back to cloth diapers, this time using the Bumgenius. We aren't saving any money by using them with this child, but if we have more kids, God-willing, then we will be saving in the long run versus buying disposables. And, yes, they're quite pricey. When I first researched cloth diapers I swore I'd never pay that much for a diaper. I was wrong. Everyone's different, but for our family, they were worth every penny because 1) I don't know how to sew and couldn't make my own, 2) we're being kinder to the environment, 3) it's better for my baby's tushy, 4) I would get really irritated every time I saw the little crystal gels from the disposable diapers on my daughter's peri-area and bottom. So we're happy with them.

    I will say that we keep some dispoables on hand for "emergencies", which include diarrhea bouts during which time I wouldn't be able to keep up with the laundry, and travel. :-)

    - Audrey