September 22, 2008

It's Fall, baby, yeah!

I love autumn!
Bring on the sweatshirts and jackets. Give me cool baking weather and falling leaves. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just waiting for me. I am giddy.
The high school Trav works at is having it's Homecoming this week and L and I will be going to the parade Friday, then tailgating with the faculty and then the big game. I'm so excited.


  1. Since living in the midwest, fall has become my favorite season. The color changes, the cool temps, and especially the apple orchards! Each fall I beg Paul to take me to Curtis Orchards.

    Oh, and your cans look great! I wanted to do that this summer, but wasn't prepared to try it by myself.

  2. I also LOVE fall!!!!
    Perhaps when the weather gets a bit cooler and the leaves are pretty, we could take the girls for a walk in the woods!

  3. I miss this time of year at EC. I guess it's all the FB games, the leaves, the beautiful drive just from Goodfield to Eureka on 117...

    Ahh, sweatshirt days...

  4. AMEN to that! :) Can't wait for Phoenix to FINALLY cool down.