September 25, 2008

PETA's great idea

Maybe you heard about how PETA sent a letter to Ben & Jerry's suggesting they use human breastmilk to make their ice cream. Supposedly it would save the cows or some stupid crap like that.

Now, of course it is very nutritious - everyone knows that breast is best - but just how did PETA want to harvest all this milk? Would us lactating women be hooked up to pumps for hours each day instead of the cows? I can see it now - a whole new type of Work at Home Moms. Brilliant!

Of course I'm not advocating for a crappy life for cows, especially since happy cows just taste better.

But more than that, I have HUGE issues with harvesting anything from humans for mass consumption. That's just wrong, wrong, wrong. I have nothing against nursemaids or breastfeeding toddlers and I've even tasted my own milk (it squirted on my finger and I licked it off) but I am not comfortable with breastmilk ice cream. Women have more dignity than cows, silly PETA.


  1. VERY strange idea indeed, let's hope they're not serious!

  2. That reminds me of an article I read very recently about a swiss chef that is cooking with breastmilk:

    Well, hey we can always outsource our need for breastmilk consumption like we do everything else. :)

  3. hi Bonnie, it's your cousin's cousin, Niccole! Nice blog girl! I have to tell you, when I was breastfeeding back in the day, I used to freeze my breastmilk in ice cube trays for easy bottle use. So one time a friend of ours, Eddy, was over and thought they were REALLY sticky ice cubes and put them in his OJ and vodka concoction. He said it was NOT that bad. So who knows, maybe they are onto something with the breast milk ice cream idea....LOL

  4. Umm....gross about the comment above me, LOL

    Anyway...the funny thing is - I'm pretty sure Ben & Jerry's gets their milk from small-farm cows - not the ones are mass-producing milk, anyway. Silly PETA!

  5. Oh PETA...they're so smug with their spray cans that have been tested on animals to make sure they can spray those harsh chemicals on the those wearing furs w/o too much damage. :)

    I do follow PETA too some extent but animals are meant to be eaten and the milk meant to be drunk.

    I'm a vegetarian and still can't beleieve how hidebound PETA can sometimes be. -Froboy

  6. Wild idea, yes. But I believe it was a stunt to get people thinking about using a different source such as soy milk. Only something as ludacris as using breast milk would get the attention it did.

    Hilarious imagry though!