October 21, 2008

yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy

Tonight we introduced solids! By doing this I did not fulfill my original goal of exclusive breastfeeding through the 6th month, but I'm hoping it will help me reach my new goal of L sleeping through the night again. What can I say, I'm a better mom when I have a good night's sleep.

Look at her smile as her Daddy feeds her! She was actually laughing at the noises he was making.

By the end she was a little sloppy and had somehow lost a sock in the process. Also, when the bowl was basically empty we let her finally hold it and, of course, it went right to her mouth.
Side note: Many thanks to MVV for unknowingly letting us use his plastic bowl, of which we have none.
Side note #2: Please remember to ask me before you feed L anything!
We took video. I'm sorry that I say the word "yummy" so many times that it becomes incredibly annoying. Now I know not to do that. You'll notice a couple of things while you watch the videos, like that I'm more concerned with neatness and Travis is more concerned with fun. Consider this a good example of pretty much every aspect of our lives. :)


  1. How fun! Grandpa and I loved watching the three of you. Lydia did really well! I'm sure I'll play it over and over. Thanks!


  2. ADORABLE! I miss you three so much! Give Lydia a kiss for me!

  3. Those videos are hilarious. I will keep them in mind when I have a bad day!

  4. cute stuff. i hope it does the trick, sleeping-wise.

  5. You should know that she's doing amazingly well with eating from a spoon for the first time in her life! It takes a lot of babies quite some time to get the hang of that concept. Let us know if it does the trick to helping her sleep!