November 17, 2008

Have I ever told you that I hate mice

Yesterday Travis found mice turds all over the counters. He immediately patched up some holes in the drywall and I cleaned everything.

Problem solved?


Today I heard a mouse in the kitchen and when I went out there I saw that I had left the door to the corner lazy susan cupboard (where we keep most the food) open. I heard it in there and then I:
put on my sweatshirt and shoes,
picked up L, wrapping her in a blanket and putting a hat on her,
walked across the street to our neighbor to see how he felt about mice and if he was busy at the moment.
He wasn't home
so I walked to the other neighbor's to find out the same thing, but he wasn't there either.

So I went home and called my mom who was no help - she just told me I had to go into the cupboard and get out the food. Hello?!!! What if the mouse touched me?!!!

She just laughed. A lot.

There was a long period of silence from the cupboard. (did I forget to mention that as I was talking to her L was safe in the living room and I was sitting on the island, broom in hand?)
So I decided to get down and see if the mouse was gone.

Top shelf - all clear.

Bottom shelf - mouse!!!! Right by the cereal!

I screamed like the girly girl I am, jumped or something and ran to the living room. In the process I hurt my ankle and my hip. As I sat on a chair and continued to freak out to my mom, L was beginning to look scared so I made myself calm down.

When I talked to Travis when his classes were done, asking him to come home early he, too, just laughed. He also told me to put on the leather work gloves, pick it up and throw it against the garage. I told him there was no way I would do that, to which he said I could at least put it in a container and he'd kill it. I then clarified that the part I couldn't do was picking it up. (If you think this is cruel, do not read this story.)

In the end, the only thing that showed any evidence of nibbling was the chocolate chips. They got pitched and everything else got wiped down, but only after Travis showed me that there are no holes in the cupboard, proving it was my fault for leaving the door open.


  1. That's hilarious! But I'm not laughing AT you because I probably would have been screaming even louder!! It's weird because our cat caught a mouse on our back patio last night and ran into Noah's room with it, Ben had a heck of a time catching it to put it back outside! And she's never done that so it made your story even more amusing! ;)

  2. I love it! Justin told me he saw a mouse run across our kitchen floor, but I never saw him and we haven't seen him since. I think we have a couple of cats living under our porch so that helps!