December 27, 2008

Celebrating Christmas - all December long

First we went to my brother's house. He and his wife would be with her family in CO for Christmas so we got together to celebrate in early December.
This is the gingerbread cake I made. It was supposed to look like a castle, but ended up more like a ruin. Oh well.
The razor Grandpa made for Karl, who "holds his razor too far away from his face".

The next few are some random pictures leading up to the big day.My adorable daughter wearing her Christmas hat, knitted by a family friend.

Playing with my present.
Christmas Eve with my side of the family.
We started the day by going down to Dad's cousin's to shoot his new rifle.
We celebrate Christmas with a bang. Ha. Ha.
Mom's beautifully set dining room table.

L wearing the stockings Grandpa gave her.

Playing with Uncle Karl.

This is the gift basket I made for K & M. Coffee, clementines, biscotti and some home made granola.

Christmas Morning

What am I excited about?

Welcome to this century, Bonnie.

Christmas with Travis' familyTrav, my guitar hero.

She never really got opening presents.

I love that woman in the red turtleneck.

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