December 8, 2008

My Christmas Present from Trav

I have a new vacuum!!!!!! I've been using hand-me-downs which, just weren't cutting it. This Hoover Windtunnel Cyclonic is FANTASTIC!

This is the story as to why I got it early:

Travis bought it on Black Friday but this past week it was still in the trunk of his car. I was going to use his car to run an errand and because of the snow, I wanted to put a little shovel in the trunk to dig myself out if needed. As soon as I opened the trunk I saw the box, slammed the door and put the shovel in the back seat. Fast forward a couple of days and Travis is driving home and starts thinking about the shovel in the backseat. "No one puts a shovel in the backseat... She saw the vacuum."
When he came home that night he asked if I had gotten into his trunk.
"Did you see anything?"
"What did you maybe see?"
"I might have seen some sort of carpet cleaner, but it was an accident and I didn't want to! I wasn't snooping!"
He asked if I wanted to wait until Christmas; I told him it was his decision. He asked if I would use it right away and when I answered in the positive, he got it out of the trunk.

Big shout out to my husband, he put a lot of thought into this gift. He used money from scrap metal to buy it and spent a lot of time researching the best vacuum and the best price. He ended up at Menards where it was $1 cheaper than everywhere else. :)

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  1. New vacuums really make all the difference! We just recently got one that was rated highest in Consumer Reports and I'm seriously in love with it. Helps too since I'm pretty OCD about vacuuming. ;)