January 25, 2009

my great weekend

Friday night I went to the birthday party of a college friend. Trav stayed home to take care of getting L to Grandma & Grandpa's for the weekend and to hang out with friends.

Going to this party made me feel great. I stayed until past 1am. There was a good mix of people I knew and fresh faces. My favorite part of the night was towards the end, when we stragglers talked about Jack Handy and his Deep Thoughts. There was a some twins there, one with his girlfriend and the three of them made me laugh for hours. I left feeling young and vibrant - two things I haven't felt in at least 8 months.

Saturday Travis and I sat around like newlyweds until it was time to use an old movie pass and go see Gran Torino. Great movie. On the way in I commented to Travis that I didn't miss L. On the way out I asked him if he wanted to go to my parents' house.

Let me tell you, it is amazing how cute she is and how great it makes me feel when, upon seeing me, she beamed, squealed and began flapping her arms in excitement. After a wonderful dinner of beef stew and croissant rolls Trav and I left L at my Mom's to go home. We watched The Straight Story (super duper good, wholesome movie. The actor who plays Matthew in Anne of Green Gables is the lead.). I slept for 10 hours that night. It was awesome.

Right now I'm baking cookies and watching my daughter eat a carrot. It has been a terrific 3 days.

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