February 13, 2009

name support

Thanks, everyone for agreeing with me that Miriam is a good name! :)

Lisa, Lydia Anne and Miriam Lee were really easy to come up with. But Bennet took forever. It was our boy name for L and we're just sticking with it. There's a lot of boy names I like that Travis doesn't:

Here are the problems with the names:
Linus: Despite that fact that every time we watch Law & Order and Linus Roache's name comes up (he's the main lawyer guy) I say his name out loud and remind Travis that Linus was a pope, he still doesn't like it. Even though Linus Roache plays Bruce Wayne's dad in Batman Begins, he doesn't like it. But I guess, in the end, he's afraid we'll end up with an annoying amount of blue blankets. Which is a legitimate fear.

Ivan: Trav's cousin's dog's name is Ivan.

Ian: Trav went to high school with a stoner named Ian.

Marcus: I dated a Marcus. I understand this one as we will never, ever have anything named Rachel, child, dog, iguana....

Pedro: He says a German and a Swede can't name a kid Pedro. *shrug*


  1. Hey Bon.
    I love your names. Except Pedro. I'm with Travis on that one! :)

    And I love the name Miriam, but I wish it meant something better than sea of bitterness. I know this because Mary is Miriam and with middle name florence, I become FLOURISHING sea of bitterness.
    (But I mean, I've over it. Whatever.)

    hehe...that was supposed to be a bitter comment but it doesn't present as well via blog commenting.
    But yeah, I love that you have meaningful names.
    I think it's another girl, for the record. I think girl, girl, boy, boy for you two. :)

  2. I like your names! It's so hard to agree on them - it took Jim and i forever to agree on Aiden's name! We're not pregnant yet but we've discussed names for the next...it doesn't hurt to get a head start! We've agreed on a girl name, but boy names are harder to come up with...

  3. Good name choices! I know a 2 year old named Bennett, he's a sweetie. :) But yes, I must agree with Travis on Pedro... plus I would always think of Napoleon Dynamite. ;)