April 22, 2009

L's Wish List

***** Disclaimer *****
I realize this may seem like a greedy, low-brow, rude thing to do. However, I would much rather people spend their money on things that will last, that I know my daughter will play with, that won't get sold on a garage sale or returned to the store, and that will encourage her to be creative and to learn.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food 31-piece Set in a Wooden Storage Box: This is a collection of wooden toy food that velcros together and can be "cut" with a wooden toy knife. Some friends have these; L has played with them and I know they're a toy she will use for years.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Food Groups Play Set: Not only are these super cute and have the same advantages as the Cutting Food Set, they also are healthy foods.

Take Along Tool Kit: L loves taking things out of their container and putting them back in. She loves manipulating objects and the Tool Kit would give her all kinds of things to figure out and play with. Plus, she can use it to help her Daddy around the house.

Toy Instruments: a drum, maracas, tambourine, bells - anything that makes music (except a xylophone) because this girl loves music.

bumGenius 3.0 Diapers: One diaper costs $18, which seems like a lot of money, I know. BUT L will be re-wearing that one diaper again and again and again. Then all her younger siblings will wear that diaper again and again and again. We love these diapers because they are economical, earth-friendly and super cute.

BabyLegs: One pair costs $12, which may seem pricey, I know. BUT, besides the cloth diapers, the only thing that L got when she was a wee baby and still uses on a regular basis are BabyLegs. And she will continue to use them for years. But whichever ones you like, but really we need a pair of plain pink, purple, blue and green. I will say I also like the Union Jack, Heather Rainbow, Phinney, Polo and Royal Sport pairs. But I'm just sayin'...

Board Books: Especially ones by Eric Carle such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and From Head to Toe. L also loves the rhythm of Sandra Boynton.

Clothes: L's growing into a size 4 shoe. Because of her long body and big cloth diaper butt Carters onesies fit her best (size 12-18mo for summer). We've found that almost any other brand gets just a few wears but Carters go on and on. Pants/shorts should be size 18 mo. Shirts can be 12-18 mo.

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  1. I think a list always helps; I finally made one for Avery's 2nd birthday so that we wouldn't get ALL clothes or ALL toys. It worked well. :)