April 7, 2009

This Holy Week I've moved in with my parents and gone to the ER

This is my week since Saturday:

- "scrapbooking" the invitations to L's 1st birthday party with crafty Katie, L's godmother and expert scrapbooker, who let me use all her paper, ribbon and whatnot.

- Visiting a good friend in northern IL. We chatted, watched part of Wall-E (must see the rest of it) and had brunch with her wonderful parents after Palm Sunday Mass. Her mom was afraid I might lift all their Easter decorations. (See the Halloween Tree.)

- Staying at my parents' house so Travis can make a mess mudding, sanding and (hopefully) priming the walls without worrying about L and I breathing fumes, etc.

- Napping! Thank God my mom doesn't mind watching L while I nap. I love it!

- Going to Mass. Since it's Holy Week I want to attend every service. Today was the Chrism Mass, and it was the first one I'd ever attended. It was absolutely amazing to see all the priests, deacons, religious and seminarians. I was also very happy to see B, a former EC student who left Eureka to enter seminary. He has since discerned that God is not calling him to the priesthood but to marriage. B is a solid guy and I am so thankful that he was willing to actively discern a calling he thought he had. It can take a lot of courage to make such a counter-cultural decision and I am so proud of him for following where he was called.

- Making my second lifetime trip to the ER. Monday afternoon I awoke with a pain in the back of my knee. My whole lower right leg hurt and my foot felt like it was asleep. My midwife told me to go to the ER to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. Let me say, I was totally impressed with OSF Hospital. Everyone was super friendly: the parking attendant, nurses, doctor, sono tech, etc. Oh, and they did not find a blood clot and it seems I may just have a funky leg. Baby #3 and I are both okay.

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  1. I'm glad your leg is OK! Scary!

    And um, can I move in with your mom and take naps? :)