June 22, 2009

Quick thoughts before I go on vacation

1. Father's Day was just another reminder of how my husband is a great, great man. I woke up sick so he made a big breakfast and took care of L while I napped through the morning and early afternoon. He helped me make his Father's Day dinner of homemade pizza and then spent the evening playing with L and helping me pack.

2. Things are about to get tough around here. Travis has not been officially accepted into Bradley's Masters in Enviromental Science program, but he received word that he's been "recommended for acceptance" which basically means he's in. This program is aimed at teachers and is in it's first year and is completely funded by grants. That means in 3 years he'll have a masters from BU and we'll only have to cover the financial burden of books and lab fees. However, this program begins in July and we have lost a lot time working on the house because of the rain. And with the baby coming in September, we're looking at a whole new stress (and blessing). It's hard not to get overwhelmed thinking about it all...

3. If you think you have a blood clot in your leg so you need to go to the ER and have it checked out asap, and you have new insurance please check your insurance card to see what hospitals are part of the plan. Don't go to the Catholic hospital just because it's always been covered and it's the best in the area, and you're more concerned about your baby than money. Because you might just end up with a $2000 bill that you have to pay. Suckage!!

4. The day will surely come (won't it?) when my husband's ex-fiance won't intimidate the hell out of me. And surely on that day, when we see each other at a wedding (like what just happened) or some other event she won't pretend like we don't exist but will maybe, just maybe give us a head nod and slight smile as she walks directly past us and a group of people she is friends with. But until that day comes, I'm afraid I'll probably continue to have panic attacks leading up to such events and then have emotional crying bouts for days afterwards.

5. 7 months pregnant + hot, humid summer = Air conditioning and little time outside

6. The cellulite is spreading on my legs like a bad rash.

7. My mom is taking my family (brothers, sisters-in-law, Trav, L and I) on a vacation to Galena, IL this week. I am looking forward to my visit to the spa for a good pre-natal massage.

8. Check out Vitamin String Quartet. It's fun to play Name That Tune.

9. 7 Pounds, the Will Smith movie, is an incredibly emtionally drainng movie. Wowzers.

10. My cousin, Laura, a student at the great Eureka College, was just named an All American Athlete by ESPN the Magazine. She's a tennis player with a 4.0 and she's won the last 16 games she's played over the past 2 seasons. Way to go, Laura!!!!

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  1. To #4- Just remember, she may be just as intimidated as you are. :) Happy vacation!