July 25, 2009

Thoughts on the upcoming birth

Last week I woke up one morning and realized that I am NOT mentally prepared for the birth of our third child. I think that in the first 7 months I just didn't let myself think about it, any hint of a worry or wonder and I'd push it out of my mind. But suddenly I was bombarded with thoughts and none of them were good.

- What if I have back labor again?

- What if the baby is facing the wrong way again?

- How long will this labor be?

- How will L react to the whole thing? Will she be scared?

- Just how judged by others will I feel about our circumcision decision? (Seriously, I just might not change boy diapers in front of anyone.)

- I feel soooo much more tired this time around - will I even be able to push this kid out or will I be too exhausted?

- Will we have all the breastfeeding issues again?

- Will he sleep through the night?

- Will L start waking up a lot again?

- What will happen to all my snuggle time with my daughter?

- Will L resent me and the baby?

- Will the baby blues be as bad this time around?

- Will it take 7 months again before I love and like this one?

- Will he have colic like L did?

- What if he's high needs, too? How does one take care of a high needs newborn and a attention-craving toddler?

The list actually does go on. With questions like, "Will I ever feel attractive again?" "Will I lose weight in time for the 10 year reunion?" "Can stretch marks go all the way to my neck?"

I know that I need to deal with all this stuff, because doing so will make me a better mom and will help labor go better... but I just don't know what to believe or trust?

Any help from any second time moms?

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  1. Ok, you asked for it! ;)

    - As you know every pregnancy and birth is different so just get your mind set that you can do it and just prepare your self for anything!

    - If you want you can email me and we discuss circumcision. I have thoughts on both sides since Jonah is and Noah isn't :)

    - The first time you breast feed is always the hardest so by now you're a pro and probably shouldn't have any problems. But even if you do now you know how to work through them!

    - Jonah did have sleeping issues for awhile at first, I think that's just to be expected!

    - You will find your own balance of dividing your love and giving them their own snuggle time. Yes there will be jealousy but as long as you still make her a priority it shouldn't be bad.

    - Again, being the second time I don't think my baby blues were as bad nor was I as tired.

    You really WILL figure it all out eventually! I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to, it took several months, but I did. :)

    You have lots of support, I'm rooting for you! ♥