August 26, 2009

Good movies

The Visitor and Arranged are two recommendations for anyone looking for something good to watch.

The Visitor is about a bored, lonely college professor who meets two illegals who have rented his NY apartment. His friendship with them brings passion back into his life. I thought the movie was incredibly interesting and I liked that the main characters were all kind people. Travis liked this one, too.

Arranged is about two coworkers, an Orthodox Jew and a Muslim, who become friends as they bond over their shared beliefs in modesty and arranged marriages. It's kind of a chick flick but not silly, and it doesn't glorify going out, looking hot and hooking up. I think the number one reason I liked this movie is because it reminded me of falling in love with and marrying Travis, since ours was definitely an arranged marriage (masterminded by my Heavenly Father).

Heads up: If you have Netflix you can watch both of these online.

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