August 30, 2009

what was that?

Hey, did you watch the funeral for Senator Kennedy yesterday?

What was up with the prayers of the faithful? Were they actually prayers and I just missed it? At that point in a funeral Mass aren't we supposed to pray for the soul of the deceased, his grieving loved ones and all the faithful departed? It felt like more of a litany of the things he'd done. If I misunderstood, please point it out.

Also, I thought that his sons' eulogies were soooo much better than the president's. So much so, that I wondered why he was even up there in the first place. Truly, though, his sons did an excellent job talking about their father and the great way he loved them.

And finally, I wanted to see if VP Biden would try to receive the Holy Eucharist but, and probably wisely, they didn't show it. But then again, I think there's a lot of Catholic Kennedys who support abortion...

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