September 10, 2009

6 days later

A week ago today I went into labor! Yay!

Here's a few updates about life as a family of four.

- L is a great big sister. She sleeps through his crying at night, points out his body parts (hair, belly, ear), and seems to enjoy the fact that when his diaper is being changed it's not her diaper.

- I'm fighting a small case of mastitis. Yesterday I had a temp of 100.8, chills and sweats and I was very weak and tired. Today I'm feeling much better, but I'm still taking it mighty easy.

- We have been receiving huge amounts of help and support from family and friends, for which we are incredibly grateful. Meals, laundry, babysitting, light cleaning, playing with L, gifts and company - all have been much appreciated and needed.

- Ben's umbilical cord stump fell off Tuesday night. That fact makes Travis and I very happy because it smelled pretty darn rank. My midwife pointed out, though, that it is a piece of rotting flesh after all.

- Ben is a MUCH easier baby than L ever was. He cries if he's poopy or hungry. He takes good, long naps. He nurses rather well. He doesn't have to be held all the time. I am very grateful to God for giving me an easy baby and I hope and pray He never gives me a difficult baby again. Surely L was more than enough.

- The weepiness has kicked in, but at this point the baby blues are nothing compared to last time. I cry the most when I'm tired, but I've been a lot more intentional this time around to nap. The first time I cried was actually about L. She was staying with my in-laws the first couple of days of Ben's life and I missed her and - boom - I was crying.

- Completely not related to my children: Travis and I discovered the old tv show Coach can be watched instantly via Netflix. While watching it they said, "Coach is filmed before a live studio audience. " When I heard those words they felt really nostalgic to me - most of the shows I watched growing up were filmed before a live studio audience (Full House, Home Improvement, etc) but not any more. I started thinking about that and how all the shows I watch now are dramas or cop shows or whatever, but definitely not sitcoms. And if a show is filmed in front of an audience it's American Idol, Jeopardy, etc. Hmmm... I think they should bring back a sitcom. That would make me - get a load of this - happy! :)


  1. I'm so glad Bennet is easier for you than Lydia was. It's nice to hear she's a good big sister, too. I am going to be passing your way October 9 and if you're not busy, I'd like to stop by. Just let me know. Love you!

  2. I've been checking for an update and was so relieved to read good news! Praying your mastitis goes away quickly and that Bennet continues to be an easy baby! Go Bonnie! :)

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Maybe in the next week or two we can bring you a meal? Margot's stump stunk too, ew. And I'm glad to hear he's an easy baby. It's fun to refer to him as "he". Oh, and Bennett is the name of the itty bitty town my dad grew up in (Iowa) and they just celebrated their Quasquicentennial the week of your Bennett's birthday. That's kinda fun.

  4. soooooo glad to hear an update and that it is going well! I hated the "weepies". I will pray God continues to sustain you!

  5. LOL, Bonnie, thanks for making my day with the "Coach was taped before a live studio audience" thing! I had totally forgotten all about that, and it brought back good memories for me too! I used to watch all those shows growing up...Home Improvement is still one of my favorites! Anyway, I am glad things are going so well with baby Bennet and that it's been easier this time around. You definitely deserve that after all you've been through. I laughed at how Lydia gets pleasure out of seeing a diaper get changed when it's not adorable! God bless you and Travis! Your family is beautiful, and I love reading about what's been going on with you guys!