September 17, 2009

today was my first day alone with both kids

I vacuumed the living room, straightened up the dining room, and I was able to shower in the morning. Hair was combed and teeth brushed before lunch.

Nap time was not as successful. It was then that I cried, which brought the total of crying people up to three.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.

It's so nice outside I seriously want to go out, but we don't have a double stroller and I'm struggling with the sling I have. Plus, we all seem to have colds so maybe we should just stay in anyway.


  1. Sorry to hear about nap time, but otherwise it sounds like you did well. I say get outside while you can, colds or not. It's gonna be really chilly soon and you may not want to take Bennet out then. I'll keep praying for you!

  2. Bonnie, What kind of sling do you have? Let me know if you would like to borrow one. I have a bunch of mei tais, a ring sling and a woven wrap that I would be happy to lend out if you'd like one. I won't be using them for a bit still. You'd just have to pay for me to ship it your way or I could send it up to St. Robert Bellarmine with my sister (she's visiting us tomorrow)and you could pick it up one day there. Let me know. A good sling can be a life saver :)

  3. Bonnie, i have an extra double stroller. It is from when my older girls were little and it is a bit heavy and cumbersome which is why one of my (very generous) friends decided to buy me a new one for my second set of little ones. But the old one which still works fine is just sitting in my basement. i would be thrilled to find someone who could use it. do you want it? Call me 686-7730 and you can have it!! it might help to get those kiddos out of the house this beautiful time of year!

  4. I will volunteer to bring the stoller from Melbourne Ave to Bonnie since I want to meet the lil punkin. :)

  5. Borrow Molly's mei tai- it is DEFINITELY a must have! It's so easy to use and the most secure when you have a newborn in it yet still chasing a toddler. I'd let you borrow my Brew Baby, but I lent it to Jen for Max. :)