November 1, 2009

October in pictures

Starting the month off in their Halloween clothes.
L carries her baby doll around and says, "I know..." She also picks up my pump, holds it to her chest and says, "pump." :)

We're all tired.

Ben's original sin is washed away!
Ben, parents and godparents.
L with her godparents. She actually does love them, despite what her expression looks like.
Daddy time.
Free fun at Tanner's.
Trick-or-Treating at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie.
My little boy is so cute!
Trying to get a picture of the kids in their costumes. L the Bumble Bee and Ben the Giraffe.

L and I went Trick-or-Treating around our neighborhood and it was one of my favorite experiences with her so far. It was so sweet to walk around, holding her hand, in her cute little costume. She was having so much fun and was such a big girl. And I loved the way she made people smile when we went to their door.
A good month, October was. :)

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  1. Love the bee costume! Way cute. And about the pump - Hannah's convinced my pump is talking. According to her it says, "Feed the milk, feed the milk" when the diaphragm goes in and out Whatever. :-)