November 15, 2009

tips from the Sisters of Life

This comes from the latest newsletter from the Sisters of Life:

Tips if you are discerning Religious Life

1. Pray! Go to Mass as often as possible; enter teh silent alchemy of love in Eucharistic Adoration
2. "Do whatever he tells you": entrust yourself to the Blessed Mother
3. Clean out the Pipes: go to confession at least once a month and get a spiritual director to guide your prayer
4. Finders Keepers: read up about vocations and different charisms in teh Church (like the charism of Life!)
5. Go on a Diet: cut your intake of movies, music and magazines that don't glorify God
6. Thougt Revolution: don't worry about wht is most "useful" in religious life; study what you love to study!
7. Theology of the Body: learn it

Let teh Games Begin: contact communities and keep an open heart!

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