Friday, February 27, 2009

Breastfeeding & 4 year olds

Thursday I had the great joy to meet a new friend at B&N so she could help me copy recipes from cookbooks while we sat in the cafe. I had Lydia with me, and she had her twin 4 year old daughters. First allow me to say, they are adorable!

I had a bottle for Lydia, but she was more interested in nursing, so I went ahead and pulled up my shirt and let her nurse. The girls had never really seen anyone nurse a baby before and they got in close to see what Lydia was doing. They were curious, maybe a little weirded out. I let them look, because, well, I'm not shy. And that started a little teaching moment.

I told them that Lydia was drinking milk, that moms with babies can make milk. I asked if they'd ever seen a baby cow, horse or other animal drink milk from their mommy. They had, so that made things a little easier, and their mom helped with this point.

I asked if they thought it was kinda funny, because by the look on their faces they surely thought it was. They were pretty insistent that Lydia would rather drink out of her bottle. :)

To the mom of those twin girls - I really hope it was okay! Maybe they'll grow up and be breastfeeding advocates and it'll all be traced back to their boring day at B&N! Maybe not. *shrug*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Divine Mercy

Here's a confession that I'm a little embarrassed to make: I don't really like praying the rosary.

But I have recently fallen in love with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. It's so easy for me to fall into the rhythm of the prayer and to really pray it, submersing myself in its words. I love offering it up for my children, husband, friends, family, the people on the street, etc. If there's one thing we all need, it's God's mercy. And if there's one way we can get it, it's by asking for it while we offer Him the perfect sacrifice of Christ.

Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

This new appreciation has come about because I finally decided that I needed to fix my spiritual life before everything else could be fixed (my frustrations in motherhood, worry over a new pregnancy...). The Chaplet is easy to pray and I realized that in my moments of losing it what I needed was God's mercy and help. When Lydia's pushing me to the edge I can come back a few feet just by stepping aside and praying, "For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

The Chaplet, along with starting spiritual direction, has been incredibly helpful in restoring some peace and rest in my life, which has greatly increased my appreciation of all things, most especially my daughter.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Maybe you'll remember from this post or this post or even this post about how much I hated football.

Did you see that - it was in the past tense - "hated" not "hate" - which then begs the question, "What happened to you, Bonnie?"

What happened was I developed a small crush on Peyton Manning which is constantly fed by the commercials he does. I, of course, think his commercials are hilarious.

The other thing that happened was I had to listen to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio some morning when I was in the car with Travis and I thought that they were also hilarious.

So I guess, if you are a woman who hates football but are in a relationship with a man who loves it the best thing you could do is give Peyton, Mike and Mike a shot. They may change your mind, too.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Name calling

Hmmmm.... did anyone notice how some of the comments on the previous post were from people who completely understood my point of view though they did not resort to the immature name calling that I did?

I noticed. Good for them and shame on me.

Let me try saying this all again. Madame Speaker of the House is a very public person and also very publicly portrays herself as a practicing Catholic. Now, clearly I am a moody, quick-tempered sinner (that list could be much longer but now's not the time). Yet when I proclaim myself to be Catholic all my views are in line with the Teachings of the Church. Even things that are difficult for me to understand or agree with - I submit to the Authority of the Church. When I receive the Holy Eucharist at Mass I pray to God that I do not do so unworthily lest I heap condemnation upon my head. (1 Cor 11:27)

Ms. Pelosi receives Communion all the while misrepresenting the Teachings of the Church, something that is frustrating and even painful to see. She also, as one commenter stated, "ignores the elephant in the room" and continues to portray herself as a good Catholic even though the Holy Father himself has offered fraternal correction. This is also frustrating and even maddening to see.

I don't expect noncatholics to understand my feelings towards her on this subject. But I do hope you can understand that when one is Catholic they are supposed to live in accord to the Teachings of the Church, if you don't then you really should stop receiving Holy Communion and stop publicly portraying yourself as a Catholic. I'm not trying to kick her out of the Church, I just want her to listen to what the bishops have to say and keep her mouth shut in the meantime.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

speeding in a school zone

To the jerk who passed me in front of the Morton Jr High using a turn lane:

- I was driving so slow (20mph) because it was 3:40pm on a school day and there were still children present, so I was driving the speed limit.

- The school zone speed limit goes into effect on the far side of the high school and lasts until you pass the jr high. That's why I was going so slow for so long.

- You really should adhere to the 3 second rule, and not drive your huge, stupid, gas-guzzling truck so close to the person you're following that she can't see your headlights.

- If you do it again I might have to go all Julia Roberts on you.

Be warned! I almost took down your plates and called the cops.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On being rude

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and had an interesting encounter in the checkout lane. Just as the high school check out girl began to scan my items another high school girl approached the woman who was bagging. This new girl (I'll call her Sarah) asked to relieve the bagger so she could warm her hands from bringing in carts. The woman agreed and then Sarah just stood there talking to the check out girl (named Erin) talking about how she would bag for Erin because Erin needed a bagger.

Sarah finally began to bag my groceries when they were almost all scanned and there wasn't much room left to put them. She then began to open my reusable bags and said to me, "Sorry I'm slow with these bags, I don't usually bag." I smiled and forgave her, glad she was at least finally putting my groceries in the bag.

However, she slowed down even more when she began to talk to Erin. "Is Jake mad at you or something?" Erin shook her head, confused. "Well, he was like, 'Erin needs a bagger' and then he said a not-so-nice word. Like, 'Erin needs a bagger, s----.'"

Erin looked at Sarah, looked at me and looked away. Clearly she was embarrassed. She asked, "Like he was talking about me? He said it in the same sentence with my name?"

Sarah said yes and then told the story again.

Erin got quiet and Sarah then picked up my Duetto ice cream and asked Erin, "OMG, have you ever had this? It's so good." She went on about the ice cream for a little bit before finally putting it in the bag and continuing her job. She finally noticed that Erin seemed a bit sad and quiet and asked her if she was okay because she seemed a little off.

At this point I spoke up and said, "Well if I were her I'd be mortified that you just said what you did in front of a perfect stranger. How embarrassing for poor Erin."

At the time I felt like I was pointing out to Sarah how inconsiderate she had been. I also wanted to stick up for Erin a little bit. However, if Sarah had been a better bagger I might not have been annoyed with her in the first place and wouldn't have said anything. But then on the other hand, I'm always opening my big mouth.

So, all this to ask, do you think I was rude?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts 7 QTF every Friday. Usually I just read them but in honor of Valentine's Day I thought I'd follow Kate

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts 7 QTF every Friday. Usually I just read them but in honor of Valentine's Day I thought I'd follow Kate's lead from Momopoly and do the Why I Love My Husband version.


#1 - He doesn't get mad at me when I'm grouchy, impatient and short-tempered because he knows that I'm pregnant and tired. So when I'm just-about-mean, he's gracious, giving and forgiving.

#2 - He makes me laugh every single day.

#3 - He will stop what he's doing to pray with me.

#4 - He is an amazing dad and doesn't mind one bit walking through the door and scooping up his daughter, distracting her, playing with her, changing her diaper, allowing me to rest my arms and clean up my kitchen.

#5 - He is not afraid of standing up for what is right, of telling his students to get their act together, of telling me to put down the cookies and pick up the glass of water.

#6 - He's incredibly loving and affectionate.

#7 - He is the kind of man that I can submit to. I know that he'll take care of me and Lydia and has our best interests in mind.

name support

Thanks, everyone for agreeing with me that Miriam is a good name! :)

Lisa, Lydia Anne and Miriam Lee were really easy to come up with. But Bennet took forever. It was our boy name for Lydia and we're just sticking with it. There's a lot of boy names I like that Travis doesn't:

Here are the problems with the names:
Linus: Despite that fact that every time we watch Law & Order and Linus Roache's name comes up (he's the main lawyer guy) I say his name out loud and remind Travis that Linus was a pope, he still doesn't like it. Even though Linus Roache plays Bruce Wayne's dad in Batman Begins, he doesn't like it. But I guess, in the end, he's afraid we'll end up with an annoying amount of blue blankets. Which is a legitimate fear.

Ivan: Trav's cousin's dog's name is Ivan.

Ian: Trav went to high school with a stoner named Ian.

Marcus: I dated a Marcus. I understand this one as we will never, ever have anything named Rachel, child, dog, iguana....

Pedro: He says a German and a Swede can't name a kid Pedro. *shrug*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

actual conversation

"Do you have any names picked out?"

"Bennet if we have a boy."

"Oh, I like that name. That's good. What about for a girl?"

"Miriam for a girl."

"Do you have any other names?"


No, we do not have any other names. I've wanted to name a daughter Miriam for years; when I was in SF for my college internship I met a Miriam and asked her if she liked growing up with the name, if she was teased about it, etc. She reported that she loved it because it was different enough that there weren't 3 Miriams in her class but not different enough that other kids could easily tease her about it.

I chose the name because of the scene following the crossing of the Red Sea when Moses' sister, Miriam, leads the Israelites in praising God. It's also a form of Mary and my good friend took the name Sr. Miriam Caritas when she entered the Sisters of Life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Dinner

Last weekend I headed up a Valentine's fundraiser dinner at my parish. It benefited EC's Newman Center's spring break mission trip. To be honest, I was a little worried about it because I was soooooo spoiled working with the students I had at WIU's Newman Center. There were 4 girls who were awesome in the kitchen and so I never had to dictate - they knew what to do and when to do it. But the EC students did not disappoint. Friday night we decorated and did some prep - they were great. Saturday they showed up on time and were so efficient we finished all our prep work with 40 minutes to spare.

The dinner was salad, chicken Parmesan, garlic bread, seasoned green beans and a baked potato with a chocolate dessert buffet at the end of the evening. Everything was plated and served to the couples who came. A FOCUS missionary gave a talk on love, Fr. led the couples as they renewed their vows and we then had them dance their first dance as a renewly married couple. After that was the Anniversary Dance; the "winning" couple was given a box of chocolates.

Everyone had a great time, every couple laughed and smiled all night long. Even the students loved it! After Mass the next day almost every couple who had attended came up to me to tell me how much they liked it. Hopefully more will come next year and we can really grow the event.

Some of my fave things:
- all the decorations either belonged to the church or my mom so they were FREE
- the evening grossed almost $900!
- one of the husbands told me he didn't know there was going to be dancing until he and his wife were leaving the house, but he said we did a good job with the songs. ;)
- in the kitchen we had a really great conversation about the Church and its teachings
- all the food turned out perfectly
- a elderly single woman came alone and during the dancing I asked one of the college students to ask her to dance. He just took off his apron, washed his hands and went right up to her. I was so impressed with him.
- The husband who won the Anniversary Dance told me that he really enjoyed the night, though it probably didn't hurt that he won the chocolates. He then said, "Those are the best things to win, when all you have to do is endure."

Friday, February 6, 2009

another success for pro choice America

This is what happens in a country where a baby is only a baby as long as the mother wants her.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sooooo.... we didn't plan this....

Here's a little background on Baby #3.

She's a surprise. Unplanned. A little bit of an "oops," with a touch of "oh no" thrown in. We are excited, we just can't think about money, and how tired I am, and how Lydia stresses me out, and how sometimes I feel like such a failure of a mom.

Just to clarify, so that we don't give NFP a bad name, we weren't charting. I was too tired and stressed out. Plus, when your baby has crawled into the bathroom, crying because you left her with her toys so you could pee alone, and is standing up, clinging to your pants, well, it's a little awkward to check your fertile signs.

For awhile I thought I was pregnant but I was in denial. When nursing began to hurt again, I said it was because Lydia was biting (even though she really wasn't). And when I had some light spotting and then no period I told myself there was no way it was implantation bleeding. I kept feeling like I was coming down with the flu but never did and I just figured it was because I was drinking orange juice that things never got bad. But when my milk supply continued to decrease and Lydia became hungrier and crabbier, well, I couldn't ignore it any more.

January 11th I bought an ept and took it that night, figuring that if I was pregnant I was far enough along to show up at night. And it did, but faintly, so I told myself I would take the test in the morning to be sure. Monday morning I called Travis, barely awake, and left this message, "I'm pregnant. And I'm going back to bed."

Besides Travis, the first person to know I was pregnant was Ginger, our insurance company contact. (They will pay for a home birth!)

I'm 10 weeks pregnant now. The due date is September 2nd. Lydia will be 16 months old. I think I want another pineapple upside down cake for a birthday cake. That was so good.

So there's been some morning sickness. And I'm already noticing shortness of breath when I dance with Lydia. And my already fat belly is bulging more, but now I guess I just look pregnant instead of fat. *shrug* My back hurts. But so far things with this pregnancy are a lot easier than with Lydia. But I don't really feel preggo yet.

PS I referred to the baby as a "she" and I'll probably do that throughout the pregnancy, but we're not finding out the sex. Just so you know!

And here we go again again

Lydia is teething again. Ahhhh... She had been so sweet during the day. So loving, and smiley, and flirty and cute. And now she's in pain and cranky and fussy. However, this is no where near as bad as when she cut her top 4 all at the same time.

Probably one of the most frustrating parts of this new pregnancy is that my milk supply has majorly decreased and Lydia is not quite ready to be eating lots of food. So my little girl is hungry a lot, and now that she wants to nurse more for comfort - well, I hope she learns to chew better. And soon!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here we go again....

Just when you think you're in control,
just when you think you've got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
Oh, here it goes again.
I should have known again,
But here it goes again.

That's right, come early September Lydia's gonna be a big sister.