January 9, 2010


Anita, woman I only met once at the 4H fair, cousin of my dear friend.  I feel I know you far better than I do because of all the wonderful things Crafty Katie has shared.

I meant to write you a Thank You note when you bought me the Burt's Bees mama's belly ointment. 
And I meant to write you again when you made me the wonderful, possibly too-hip-for-me nursing  cover.

But I never did because I'm lazy or forgetful or busy or all those things at different moments.

But please don't think I am not grateful and that I don't love those things you gave me.  Because I am grateful and I do love them.

So THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness and generousity.  May God bless you in your goodness.

1 comment:

  1. Bonnie dear,
    What a nice surprise to find a blog post just for me! :) What a treat!
    You are welcome for your gifts. I hope you have enjoyed both of them.