January 21, 2010

fluffy bunny Jesus

"I'm afraid the the gospel is not all puppies and kittens and Jesus carried me on the beach when I only saw one set of footprints."
Fr. Dwight Longenecker from Standing on My Head

Anyone who knows me well, knows why I love this quote.  It goes right along with my "fluffy bunny Jesus" frustrations. 

"Fluffy bunny Jesus" being the term I created to describe the brand of Christianity where
God is love,
He loves you,
He wants you to be happy,
and so do what makes you happy
because that's what God wants because He loves you,
and even if it's wrong He'll forgive you
- no problem -
because He loves you
and doesn't want you to feel bad,
He just wants you to be happy.

Of course there are truths in that school of thought, but as a whole it's way flawed.

I always feel bad for people who subscibe to that brand of Christianity, too, because I know that while it looks so pretty there's no real substance.  Nothing to truly answer tough questions or help through tough times.  And the real relationship with the Holy Trinity, and all its richness, is lost to them - which is the true sorrow.

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