January 2, 2010

ssshhh... don't tell my friends at LLL

But we have given Ben formula.  (I had forgotten how that stuff stinks!)  Travis took the kids to his parents' last night so I could catch up on some sleep.  The pumped milk supply is running low so we had to introduce formula a couple days ago to make sure he'd get enough to eat.  He took it well, but when I arrived at their home today he was very happy to latch on again.  :)

PS - My friends at LLL wouldn't actually care.  That was just a joke.


  1. There is no shame in that, Bonnie! Quick question for you...I am back to work and fear that my supply is going to dwindle to not enough to keep Aubrey happy. I have never used formula. What kind did you start Bennet out on? I know you said you had to use soy for Lydia for awhile. I was thinking of doing half formula and half breast milk if I can't keep up with her. Just wondering where to start to try formula if I need to go that route. Thanks for the help, buddy!

  2. Sarah,
    I'm so sorry you're back to work - I know you don't want to be!
    We have always just used the generic Kroger brand - even for Lydia. It's so much cheaper and the name brand does not a happier baby make.
    And make sure you talk to your lactation consultant about tips to keep your supply up!

  3. I am so incredibly close on my milk supply. I have *just* enough to feed Henry when I go to work, and pray each day at work that I can pump enough to leave him the next day. I'm becoming more and more open to the idea of having some formula on hand, just to relieve myself of that pressure to make "enough" each day. Truly, I thank God I only work three days a week. I don't know how moms do this full time.