February 6, 2010

No, David

No, David is an awesome little book by David Shannon. It's a retelling of a book he made when he was a schoolboy. The only words he could spell were "no" and "David" and that's what he wrote, accompanied by illustrations of him doing things and getting in trouble.

L loves this book, I think, because she likes to see someone else do wrong things and be told "no".

The video below is her "reading" it to me. The clip will make a lost more sense if you know the book, but basicly David makes a mess, runs away, and plays with his food. He is told to put his toys away, stop picking his nose (this instant!) and not play ball in the house.

I hope you enjoy No, David told by L, age 21 months.


  1. That is so incredibly adorable! What a great reader!

  2. that is one of Evie's favorites, too!! Sometimes i can hear her in the toyroom looking at the book and "reading" "NO DAVID!!!!" over and over again. so cute!

  3. okay, i was able to see it after all. so cute. she is sweet.

  4. So suitey, this was a great treat to watch on a Monday. She is quite the little reader. My favorite part was actually when you laughed and then she turned her head up to look at you, at which point you could see the back of her head. Her hair is so cute and fuzzy because she has been resting it against your shirt. Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  5. My kids love it too! We laugh because I think Dane thinks his name is NoDane. My dad actually calls him that some times to be funny.Now if i can just find where they put it?!

  6. love these books.
    love Lydia.
    love them even more after hearing her read them.
    (especially the too heavy page!)