March 13, 2010

a really good dream

Last night I dreamt that Trav and I were out and about and happened upon a small group of friends. His ex was also there, as in the girl he was engaged to just 3 months before we had our own wedding date picked out. (God's hand and his timing! Believe me, we were all surprised.) I'll call her Sarah.

Now, in the past, in real life, Sarah hasn't really wanted much to do with us. A few years ago we tried contacting her to apologize for the way everything went down and she made it pretty clear that when we'd be thrown together at weddings or parties the appropriate behavior would be to pretend like she didn't exist to us and we didn't exist to her.

So in the dream I spoke to the group but never looked in her direction (except for nervous glances when she wasn't watching. I'll be honest, she intimidates the crap out of me!). But then, all of a sudden, Sarah started laughing at a joke I'd made. She even started commenting and asking questions. She was being more than civil - she was being nice! It was clear that whatever wounds there had been were now healed and she harbored no ill-will.

And because Travis and I were so excited about this mended relationship we decided to throw a BBQ / pool party. Everyone came - all our mutual Newman friends, and even Kate Wicker who brought copies of her new book that had a waterproof jacket.

I'm not sure what made me dream this dream, but I'll be completely honest and tell you that it was really nice. Even in the dream we knew that the three of us would not be friends. We wouldn't make plans to visit or chat on the phone. But we were all glad to be in a place where we could be happy for one another and quickly catch up when we bumped into each other.

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