March 28, 2010

taking a break

I think I need to take a break from blogging, as in all blogging - reading and writing.

So if you're going to announce you're pregnant or getting married please email me. I am taking a break from Facebook, too, so really, I mean it, email me.

I will definitely be gone for Holy Week, but maybe longer.

I need to figure out how closely the junk I'm feeling is linked to how much of myself I "put out there" and how easily I can compare myself to other Catholic SAHMs who share thier lives through similar venues. I don't know if I'm simply more honest, but I'm tired of feeling like the fat, mediocre one.

I wish you a prayerful and fruitful Holy Week. God bless.


  1. I think your honesty gives other bloggers the "permission" to be honest as well. It's easy to write blogs about all the great things happening (which, as a result make us feel good!), but it's much more difficult to give our real feelings about what life throws our way. I truly admire you, Bonnie, for the courage you have to be more vulnerable and open. It inspires me.

  2. You are totally more honest and forthright in your blog than most people are. That's what has always drawn me to your blog, though. I love that honesty and openness because I can relate to that. You say many of the things I'm thinking but don't have the courage to say - and my silence often isolates me as a mom and alienates me from others who are also wanting authenticity in interactions/connections. Too many people put up a good front, but aren't willing to share their "junk". Well, I, for one, have just as much junk as I do lovely stuff. For every good choice I make as a mother, there's a poor choice I've made and a confrontation with myself that I can do better (and that my children deserve better). I'm so far from perfect, but at least I can say I'm real and honest with people. And I appreciate those same qualities in you. Your honesty in blogging has actually emboldened me at times to put things out there that I may have been hesitant about otherwise. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly. Take a break, spend time with your growing family, and rest. The cyberworld will wait.