March 10, 2010

today was a very good day

This morning the kids and I headed to B/N for a brunch celebrating the pregnant women in the Friday morning moms' group.  There was yummy food, well over 20 small children and each mom received a spiritual bouquet from the other women.  The moms who arranged it even invited a priest over to bless the four of us who are expecting.  It was chaotic, fun and beautiful. 

* This leads me to a tangent.  I am hugely blessed to be a part of the Friday morning group of Catholic moms.  I am an intruder and outsider - the rest lives in B/N and belongs to the same parish - yet they have welcomed me and my children.  The women are such role models to me and I am edified by the different virtues and strengths I see in all of them.  Seriously. 

The day got better after a stressful naptime when Travis came home.  The whole family went for a walk, L helping to push the stroller or riding on her dad's shoulders.  On our way home we bumped into MVV, who was also out enjoying the weather.  He walked home with us and played with L while Trav grilled venison brats and pork chops. 

Yes, we had our first family walk, and broke out the grill today.  It was great

Bring on Spring!

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  1. wait a darn minute. you're expecting?? how did i miss this?? oh my goodness - congratulations!