May 18, 2010

Dear Clark Kent

A good friend teaches 6th grade English and Reading.  She gave her students an assignment to write a letter in standard letter writing format.  It could be to anyone.  One of her students chose Clark Kent.  His letter follows, posted here with her permission.  It is hilarious and will hopefully brighten your day a little.

April 8, 2010

Clark Kent
501 Newark St.
Metropolis, MN 73247

Dear Clark Kent,

I don't know if anyone's told you this before, but...uh...well...I know you're Superman. All you do is change clothes, take off your glasses, and twirl your hair. I mean, come on! At least with your powers you could get plastic surgery everytime you go "Super-man!" Just giving you a heads up. Hey, by the way, do you wear Superman PJs or something? 'Cause that would be kind of redundant. I heard that you really wear Chuck Norris PJs.

Your Friend,



  1. So i read Nick this post, and i bet you can guess what he did. He started telling me about how someone needs to sit down with this kid and tell him a little bit about superman. He talked for at least 10-15 minutes about how superman can NOT get plastic surgery because there is no medical knife out there that can cut through superman's skin..etc., etc., etc. LOL...Nick's like "this kid obviously doesn't read the comics"..haha..oh i love my comic reading, superman nerd husband. Man..mention something about superman in front of Nick..expect a 10 minute response! haha

  2. I showed this to Nathan, because Nathan loves Superman and Chuck Norris jokes and he laughed for a good minute or two. It was pretty great.