June 4, 2010

it has begun

The kitchen before

the kitchen during

the kitchen after

the bedroom before

the landing before
(landing, as in top of stairs, small wall, bathroom, front door area)

the landing after
(the stairs have been boarded up so it's one big floor and the wall was ripped out.  you can see into the bedroom - it's gutted down to the mortar and slats stuff.)

bathroom before

bathroom after

 view from the living room before
the view into the living room after
(the living room was ripped out and redone 2 summers ago, therefore it is currently storing various pieces of salvaged cabinetry, a chair, the oven, a dresser, and the bathroom sink.)
waiting for the burn pile

free shower stall
- needs a good cleaning.


  1. oh my goodness. you are doing this all whilst expecting a baby? You are a MUCH MUCH stronger, patient, and relaxed woman than I. More power to you! Can't wait to see it done - I'm sure it'll look great!

  2. Can't believe you destroyed the beautiful bear wallpaper. Monsters! Love ya, Em

  3. Its looking amazing!

  4. are you going to have two floors now? that will be awesome!